[lug] OT: data recovery company

David Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon May 9 22:39:40 MDT 2005

Nick Golder wrote:
> Does anyone know of any reputable data recovery companies in the Denver
> Metro/Boulder/Fort Collins area?  Bad hard drive failure.

The one time I needed it I used http://www.datarecoverylink.com/  They 
did a pretty good job even though not all the files were recovered (but 
all the important ones were).

They seemed to be more fluent in Windows though.  I had a drive from a 
Linux Alpha (BSD disk labels and ext3 partitions) and they seemed to 
have a hard time translating mount points and partitions.

I also had a Dell drive go bad under warranty so I used 
http://www.drivesavers.com/.  Using them got me a sticker so the 
warranty wasn't voided.  But since I was working for the government, 
instead of the "oh, $1000 more or less depending what we have to do" 
price I got the "$2000 flat rate GSA price".  This was an NTFS disk that 
wouldn't boot so I used Linux and got about 30% of the data off (and not 
the important 30%).  They got all the rest back.


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