[lug] fonts under debian sarge

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Wed May 11 17:30:20 MDT 2005

I just rebooted my machine and now the fonts are all out of whack (much
smaller, anti-aliasing seems hosed, etc.).  I use KDE as the desktop,
but I also use gnome apps like Evolution.

I've tried firing up kcontrol and changing fonts, but that only does kde
related apps and I have to set them up to 18pt instead of the 12pt they
used to be.

Then I start gnome-control-center and it changes all of the fonts all
over the place (the sizes then seem to be truly 18pt, but they look even
worse than they did before).

Any ideas on what happened or how to fix it?

Hugh Brown <hugh at math.byu.edu>

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