[lug] compact linux distributions

David Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun May 15 21:27:51 MDT 2005

Brian Stiff wrote:
> I'm looking for a fairly flexible, recently-maintained
> compact distribution, hopefully based on Red Hat or
> Debian.  I want to build a compact streaming media
> player for the garage so I can listen to my mp3's
> while I twist wrenches.

What do you mean by compact?  If you have 1GB of disk space you can run 
Debian testing out of the box.  I have a web & mail server in <700MB of 
disk with 64MB of memory on a machine that's close to 10 years old.

I think that Debian is easier to minimize than the RH distros, based on 
my experience with RH9 and FC2.  And aptitude's tracking of 
automatically installed packages rocks for just that (let me know if you 
want details).


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