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Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue May 17 09:36:05 MDT 2005

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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael J Hammel <mjhammel at graphics-muse.org> writes:

Michael> gnome-terminal on FC3 seems to bog down pretty quick.  I have
Michael> a lot of terminal windows open on different workspaces under
Michael> GNOME and periodically some of these are used with lots of
Michael> scrolling - imagine the scrolling you get with compiling the
Michael> kernel, for example.  The bogged- down effect is slow redraws
Michael> and window movements.  I've also noticed that scrolling can
Michael> become affected by Firefox, though I haven't figured out what
Michael> the association is.  Some resource is being chewed up and it
Michael> doesn't appear to be memory or CPU.  Strangely, this problem
Michael> isn't apparent in my gnome-terminal running on RH9.  Maybe
Michael> its the video card.  Maybe its that gnome-terminal is
Michael> gettting bloated.  Something aint right.

Michael> Anyway, is anyone using a different terminal program under
Michael> GNOME?  I know there is rxvt and xterm, but I was hoping for
Michael> something a little more updated.  I do like gnome-terminal's
Michael> ability to handle non- scrolling background images (though
Michael> that is probably what's causing the slowdowns) because I can
Michael> tell at a glance which windows are being used for what tasks
Michael> based on background images.

Well, I took a look at all the applications that do terminals a while
back and settled on the xfce "Terminal" program. 

It's not a part of the core Xfce desktop, it's part of the
'xfce-goodies' packages: 


You need the Terminal package and the exo package. 

I have been meaning to add them into fedora-extras, but I haven't
yet. You can find FC3 rpms for them at: 


Note that they use the 'vte' library for the terminal backend, which
is the same thing that gnome-terminal uses, so if thats where you are
seeing your problems then Terminal will probibly have the same
problem. ;( 

The only thing I have noticed anoying about Terminal is that when you
are scrolling a ton of things (large compile, etc) it uses up a large
about of cpu. 

Michael> I don't need KDE options.  Homey don't do KDE.  :-) I suppose
Michael> I could try eterm again.  But it was pretty slow and buggy
Michael> the last time I tried it too.  -- Michael J. Hammel | The

konsole is pretty nice I thought, but since I am using Xfce now, it
makes no sense to start all the kde libs that konsole needs.

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