[lug] simple web-based address manager

Rick Casey rick at rickcasey.net
Tue May 17 12:40:14 MDT 2005

I am searching for a PHP-MySQL open source app that does a simple thing
well: manage a membership list. My needs are simple: 1) input forms for
contact info, 2) connect to SQL db, 3) export a CSV text file we use to
ship to printers, etc. 4) open source, so I can tweak it if necessary.

I've found so many overkill examples at SourceForge, many of which seem
directed at "enterprise-level" (suggesting their software is capable of
handling starship-sized demands, I suppose; but when was the last you were
on a starship though?) All I need is a simple, user-friendly app that any
non-profit organization could use. I'm trying to steer clear of committing
ourselves to a "free" online service like Plaxo, etc.

If anybody knows of anything like this, would love to hear from you.

Rick Casey

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