[lug] slowdown sending and receiving mail

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Tue May 17 14:22:16 MDT 2005

David Owen Kritzberg wrote:
> Hello Good Boulder-area Linux People,
> Recently I upgraded my linux box from FC2 to FC3 using anaconda.
> Things have gone pretty smoothly, but now I have an annoyance.
> Although I have been using linux for 3-4 years, I seem to have learned
> very little.  
> I have noticed an increased wait in getting an ssh connection to my
> machine, after I enter my password; an increased wait in retrieving
> mail (using a secure pop connection called from within mutt); and a
> very long wait (~1 minute) to send a messsage (just a few lines of
> text using sendmail called from within mutt. 
> How can I go about looking for the source of this problem in order to
> take care of it?  Which log files, etc?  Most of the discussion on
> this list is a little more high-level but I appreciate any help you
> can offer.
> Thanks,
> Dave

Are you using secure smtp as well?  If so, then it would seem all your
slow connections are using encryption which could be slowed down if the
machine is low on resources.  Have you tried temporarily opening up a
non-encrypted pop connection to see if it suffers the same problem?

Also, have you tried using the "top" command to view your resource usage?

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