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D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Wed May 18 14:05:06 MDT 2005

Dan Ferris wrote:
> Well, I've searched through most of the libraries on the system.  The 
> only libraries that it finds those symbols in is libc.so.6 and the 
> dynamic linker. ld-linux.so.
> This is a very strange and frustrating problem.  I appreciate the help.

One more possibility...if a required library is not readable it will 
also fail, e.g., permissions on the library, linker, or directory, 
parent directories, can cause failure. If you have a program that fails 
but which is already built and linked, try running it under strace and 
ltrace (C-like output, usually failures towards the end are what 
matters, despite thousands of lines of output).

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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