[lug] Backup system ideas

dan radom dan at radom.org
Thu May 19 07:14:26 MDT 2005

* Mike Stanczyk (stanczyk at pcisys.net) wrote:
> Since the suggestions every submitted were so great the last time
> (pdf creation), I'd like your suggestions and horror stories about
> backup systems.
> The problem:
> The NT4sp6 server's Travan tape drive is dying.  I've scavanged
> enough old hardware to build a backup machine.  The backup machine
> will run linux on an internal ide drive with an external scsi
> drive to host backup files.  If a spare scsi tape drive of mine
> checks out, that will go in as well.
> The software:
> Amanda and Backula are on my research list.  Other suggestions?
> Other sillyness:
> Windows XP, 2000, and 98 are around too.

smb mount the windows filesystems and rsync it to the scsi drive.  rsync
works wonderfully for backups.


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