[lug] Email hosting

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Fri May 20 11:57:30 MDT 2005

It's probably overkill for you but I'm using a virtual server at 
Tummy for my email hosting.  $25/month (plus bandwidth over the 
standard amount, of course).

The main benefit is that this gives me absolute control over 
everything.  This isn't critical with email, but there are few JSP 
hosting sites that support postgresql.  Someday I'll have my 
website ready for public view....

Tummy also has a standard mail package available for download.  My 
combo is similar, only I use courier for IMAPS.

(P.S., or I could go into the email hosting business... :-)


Michael Belanger wrote:
> Greetings everyone..
> I have been using godaddy.com for domain registry for a while, but when 
> I also tried them with email, I found them to be pretty bad.  They don't 
> support linux or browsers/email clients other than MS.
> Any recommendations for domain email hosting that are linux or 
> multiclient friendly?  I prefer IMAP, but I will grit my teeth and make 
> pop work if it means a more predictable, maintainable, and reliable 
> email experience.
> This is for personal use.
> Thanks!

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