[lug] Generating PDFs

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Sun May 22 23:22:42 MDT 2005

Hey all--

I've been scanning documents and storing them in PDF, hoping to 
eliminate the reams of paper laying around my office.  To date I've 
been using Adobe's commercial Acrobat product on Windows, which has the 
ability to accept image data directly from a scanner program (TWAIN) 
and drop it into the PDF.  This is nice because many of the documents 
have multiple pages, and Acrobat takes one scan and prompts whether 
there are more pages, continuing until I've finished.  I then have a 
(for example) ten-page document that I can store digitally.

I'd like to avoid using Windows and Acrobat if at all possible, so I'm 
hoping there's some open-source solution that does this.  I can do it 
for one page by, for example, scanning an image and printing it to PDF 
(I use KDE), then saving the PDF... but I need multiple pages.  I know 
I could scan images using SANE, save them to disk, then add them to an 
OpenOffice document, and finally export to PDF... but bleah, that's a 
lot of work.  Does anyone know of a piece of software that will connect 
to SANE to grab images, and keep adding pages until I've finished?

This doesn't seem like a very hard problem...

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