[lug] poorly behaved KDE apps

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Tue Jul 5 11:14:12 MDT 2005

Today's candidate for "poorly behaved applications:" KDE bug reports.

I tried to submit a report, it apparently formats a message and 
sends it off to KDE's mail server.


To a server that's apparently configured to reject all email from 
cable modem users.


It's bad enough to be a poor netizen and contact email servers 
directly instead of going through the system's mail system 
(doesn't every mail server provide a version of 
/usr/[bin,sbin]/sendmail for applications to use?  Don't some ISPs 
and companies block all outbound port 25 traffic that isn't going 
to their mail server?), but to then configure the destination so 
it will then block mail from cable modem users?!

I tried to go through their website, but my application isn't 
listed and they require you to select your application from the 
list.  I would figure this just means it's a third-party app, but 
if that's the case why are the bug reports getting shipped to KDE?


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