[lug] Text-based iCalendar editor

Craig Talbert at Colorado.EDU
Tue Jul 5 18:35:26 MDT 2005

I use phpicalendar so I can view my schedule and to-do lists online.  I
usually edit it using either iCal on OS X, Sunbird on Windows, or
KOrganizer on Linux.

The problem is sometimes I would like to make small changes to a
icalendar file -- like add something quickly to a to-do list before I
forget it -- to a particular icalendar file but I don't want to throw
open or can't get to one of the applications to do it.

For situations like this, does anyone know if there is a command-line or
lynx-ish type until that I can use to make changes like that from a shell?
I haven't had much luck finding one.

- Craig
"Ne te quaesiveris extra."

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