[lug] setting up proxy server?

Jeff Falgout jfalgout at ogov.net
Wed Jul 6 19:40:58 MDT 2005

Bear Giles wrote:

> Forward HTTP/FTP.
> I think I got it working with squid.  Now I just need to figure out 
> how to tell the windows people how to set up their browsers to use 
> it.  It's easy under Mozilla (preference -> advanced -> proxies), but 
> I couldn't find it for MSIE/W98 and I don't have more recent versions.
> Firefox isn't an option since many of these sites require MSIE in 
> addition to preregistered static IP addresses.  (That's why I need to 
> set up a proxy in the first place.)
in IE - under Tools/Internet Options click the Connections tab, the LAN 
Settings button should do the trick.

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