[lug] Text-based iCalendar editor

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Thu Jul 7 12:58:19 MDT 2005

All three of the apps are pretty broken. Getting all three of the apps to
correctly interoperate is going to be pretty imposssible.

Sunbird barely works, but has really cool about box dialogs. I wrote up a
complete review. In my opinion, they'll never release a usable product.
Their roadmap doesn't even list time zone support as a feature.

Korganizer converts recurring event times to GMT which is totally broken ( I
reported this over a year ago). Additionally, they use libICal which doesn't
handle a lot of things very well.

PHP iCalendar doesn't implement BYSETPOS, so you can't do things like the
last weekday, and they won't be fixing it.

The problem is that RFC-2445 is so complex and difficult to implement, no
one implements it correctly.

In short, my recommendation is that you buy a hand-held organizer that will
synch with software you like, and use it.

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> I use phpicalendar so I can view my schedule and to-do lists 
> online.  I
> usually edit it using either iCal on OS X, Sunbird on Windows, or
> KOrganizer on Linux.
> The problem is sometimes I would like to make small changes to a
> icalendar file -- like add something quickly to a to-do list before I
> forget it -- to a particular icalendar file but I don't want to throw
> open or can't get to one of the applications to do it.
> For situations like this, does anyone know if there is a 
> command-line or
> lynx-ish type until that I can use to make changes like that 
> from a shell?
> I haven't had much luck finding one.
> - Craig
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