[lug] Suggestions for Burn-In testing

Matthew Hall llahwehttam at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 14:06:05 MDT 2005

> > The box will be hosting our calendar software for 50 customers (initially),
> > and hopefully up to 200 before it maxes out.
> Those numbers won't be a problem for TCP or the web server.  However,
> memory usage and swap space usage are determined by the application.
> Heavy PHP use might chew up memory under the web server, for example.
> There is a benchmark called WebStone that might help here but I've never
> tried it.

I've used "ab" in the past to get a pretty good idea of load on web
services.  I was just looking at the most resource intensive page(s)
in that case, however.


Matthew Hall
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