[lug] PHP question about wierd POST behavior in HTML form

Rick Casey rick at rickcasey.net
Wed Jul 20 12:00:28 MDT 2005

Hello BLUG,

(Sorry if this is off-topic, so if anyone can suggest a better usegroup 
to post to, let me know; but I respect and enjoy the quality of 
information and response here, instead of the morass of global USENET 

I'm trying to build a new web-based entry forms for a client 
(LASP-based: Linux-Apache-PostGresql-PHP), but the webserver will *not* 
process any POST request in HTML forms -- I can only use GET. When I 
insert a phpinfo() in the page that receives the POSTed data, it says it 
received a GET request.

Any suggestions on how a POST method can get turned into a GET method?


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