[lug] High Res Scanner for Suse?

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Jul 22 07:28:52 MDT 2005


Sane (Scanner Access Now Easy) is what you need.  It comes with SuSE.  You 
will need to find a scanner (USB, Firewire, SCSI, ...) that is supported by 
Sane.  SuSE offers drivers for a great number of units.  Personally I use an 
Epson 2450 Photo and it has been well supported for the past few years.  USB 
2.0 is nice for its speed - I wouldn't go slower than that.  

My recommendation is to go into Yast2 -> Hardware -> Scanners and pretend to 
manually add a scanner.  You can then read through the list of supported 
scanners.  Some models have more than one driver.  This should let you verify 
that a unit you like is supported.

Good Luck,

On Thursday 21 July 2005 20:49, Steve Sullivan <Steve Sullivan wrote:
> Hi,
> We're needing a high resolution color scanner to run with Suse.
> Any suggestions?
> Do scanners require any drivers or other O/S changes?
> Or can I simply mount them like a disk on a USB port?
> Many thanks,
> Steve

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