[lug] Need Advice on Domain Registration Services

Greg Seker sekerg at comcast.net
Fri Jul 22 10:32:02 MDT 2005

GoDaddy has worked great for me.

If you want to try a reseller, www.zekernet.com has worked for me.
Setup an account and send info at zekernet.com an E-mail asking for reduced
pricing (need account name) as a Linux user group member ... they'll give 
reduced pricing... I think that is $7.42 per year.
  -- AND you get a 2nd yr free on a transfer
  -- drops to 3.99 a yr with any other non Domain name product you purchase.

I was able to get:
   2yr Domin Name registration (1yr private ... by proxy .. additional cost)
   1yr Economy hosting (/w php; 500MB, 100 emails, 1 MySQL DB, 25GB xfer 
Total:  $51.46

Can anyone get a website served up for a year, with private domain reg under 
$50 ?


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> Bill asked:
>> If I pay
>> Network Solutions $95 to renew my domain registration, do I get that
>> much more in security, services, etc. than if I go with GoDaddy, who
>> wants only about $9?
> I agree that NetSol is waaaaay overpriced, and can be a hassle to deal
> with at times.  I used to use them for all my domains, but have since
> switched everything away from them.
> My experience with GoDaddy has been pretty negative.  I used them for a
> few domains and SSL certs but was unimpressed with their customer
> service, *very* unimpressed with their web tools and interface, and
> generally felt like they proved once again that "you get what you pay
> for."
> As always, YMMV.
> Jeff
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