[lug] Need Advice on Domain Registration Services

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Jul 22 11:40:36 MDT 2005

Bill Thoen wrote:

> I was thinking of transferring to GoDaddy, but before I do that, I'd
> thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any advice about this. If I pay
> Network Solutions $95 to renew my domain registration, do I get that much
> more in security, services, etc. than if I go with GoDaddy, who wants only
> about $9? Seems to me they both offer the same essential service, but I
> just wonder why NS charges ten times more that GD.

I have been using http://www.stargateinc.com for a few years.  Seems to 
work fine, and they have web-based configuration, which is nice for changes.

They have other services available also, hosting and stuff... I've never 
used any of that.

They were cheap... like $8/year or something like that.


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