[lug] Need Advice on Domain Registration Services

Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Fri Jul 22 11:57:23 MDT 2005

I use tummy.com http://www.tummy.com/Hosting/domains.html. They are not the 
dirt-cheapest by any means but

* they are local and are great supporters of Linux and BLUG
* they are always friendly and helpful
* the interface is easy to use
* they offer a discount to LUG members, $15 for single year; less/yr for 
more years


At 11:50 AM 7/22/2005, George Sexton wrote:
>As long as you are OK using Internet Explorer to access GoDaddy's web site
>you should be safe.
>I registered a domain, and ran into a problem because the password I tried
>to use had non-alpha/non-digit characters.
>Their page only dipslays an informative error message if you use IE.
>I won't touch them for anything.
>George Sexton
>MH Software, Inc.
>Voice: 303 438 9585

Michael Deck
Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.    

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