[lug] Need Advice on Domain Registration Services

Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Fri Jul 22 11:06:22 MDT 2005

* On 2005-07-22 10:51 Rick Casey <rick at rickcasey.net> wrote:
> I've had good experience (though with only two registrations) with 
> webintellects.com and aplus.net.
> But without further feedback about ISP services, it's kind of a 
> crapshoot (wonder if there's a site out there that compares these 
> services at a professional level?)

tummy.com provides domain registration services which include:

   Reduced rates for LUG members
   All domains are transfer locked, preventing domain hijacking
   Domain expiry notices (persistent, and far in advance of expiry)
   Most top level domains (tld) supported
   Friendly, local service

We also provide SSL Certificates.

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