[lug] self-signed apache certs on fedora core?

Jeffrey Brown jabrown at co.jefferson.co.us
Tue Sep 6 16:14:12 MDT 2005

>>> stimits at comcast.net 9/6/2005 2:16:43 PM >>>
Now I have a new question about self-signed certs used on machines that

do not have reverse DNS lookup...e.g., if I access my apache server via

https://localhost or https://some_name_in_etc_hosts, where locahost and

some_name_in_etc_hosts is not visible to the outside world. Is it 
possible to remove this error via a system configuration setting in 
combination with a CommonName such as localhost or 

<< Response >>
CommonName on certificate generation should correspond to an A record
in DNS to avoid the error I believe your talking about. So if CN is
www.mysite.com then pointing my browser to mysite.com will incur the
error or myhost.mysite.com will incur the error etc. To get around this
you'll have to get into some virtual IP hosting on Apache and of course
have the IP addresses.

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