[lug] Sept. BLUG meeting cancelled

chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org
Wed Sep 7 09:00:22 MDT 2005

For a wide variety of reasons, it is going to be easier to cancel this
month's BLUG meeting than to try to make it happen.  I've just spent
the last week trying to fight off a sinus infection which is still
hanging on, and I have been very busy moving to Westminster, until I
can afford something closer to Boulder.

In the chaos of it all, I neglected even to reserve a room for a
meeting, not to mention I don't have a speaker.  I'm sorry I waited
until now to mention this, because simply delegating my
responsibilities this month would have solved it.  What can I
say...clogged sinuses interfere with thought.

Why don't we just have a normal hacking society meeting at Caffe Sole

Again, sorry about this.

 -   Chris Riddoch   -
epistemological humility

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