[lug] Can this be done?

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Wed Sep 14 00:14:34 MDT 2005

Mike asked:

> Can I setup my computer so that when I click on a mailto: link
> a web browser window opens to my web based email (like gmail)
> instead of a email program (like thunderbird)?

It's browser-specific, of course, but here are some instructions for 
hooking Firefox to Thunderbird:


I use KDE with Konqueror and KMail, which work together by default, but 
if I wanted to change my default mail program in KDE I'd go to

K Menu > Control Center > KDE Components > Component Chooser

There, I can change my e-mail client to anything I want.

Now, this may not *quite* answer your question because these both depend 
on running programs, not opening web pages.  But it might be possible 
to set the program to launch a web browser and open your GMail page...

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