[lug] Can this be done?

Matt Thompson thompsma at jilau1.colorado.edu
Wed Sep 14 08:48:35 MDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 22:41 -0600, Mike Stanczyk wrote:
> This question has nagging at me all day:
> Can I setup my computer so that when I click on a mailto: link
> a web browser window opens to my web based email (like gmail)
> instead of a email program (like thunderbird)?
> I was asked this on a Winblows system but I'm not sure it
> can be done at all.
> So I'll ask the list: Can you do it in any way?  Winblows,
> Linux, Mac.  Maybe a Firefox extension?

Yes, you easily can.  I believe, on Windows, the official Gmail Notifier
from Google allows one to associate mailto: to Gmail:


I don't have access to OS X, but I imagine the Gmail Notifier does it
there as well.  And, of course, I believe Gtalk has all sorts of
integration with Gmail.

If not, there are some Firefox plugins that will do it.  The old standby
was WebmailCompose:


but from the comments, it seems like maybe there are problems?  (I don't
use it so...)

Finally, there is the "Web 2.0" way to do it.  There are at least 2
Greasemonkey scripts at userscripts.org that can do something similar to
this.  One adds a Gmail compose bit next to any mailto: link in the
page, another replaces mailto: links with a compose:


And, you know, while you are there, take a look at Matt Thompson's
*super-amazing* Norlin and Boulder Public LibraryLookup scripts (under
the library tag).  They are the bestest scripts ever devised by man.
Well, a man.  Well, me.


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