[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Wed Sep 14 15:28:01 MDT 2005

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 02:15:49PM -0600, Lee Woodworth wrote:
> We are setting up dsl basic internet service. The setup and
> all goes fine for outbound internet connectivity.
> The problem is the qwest supplied actiontec GT701 dsl modem.
> It has an embedded DNS forwarder that is taking over the DNS
> ports and we are trying to run a secondary DNS server. There
> will be a similar issue with running a web server.

And after you've used the Actiontec for a while, it may:

1) go to sleep and need to be rebooted
2) go catatonic and need to have its firmware reinstalled
2) die - won't even try to reinstall the firmware
> I've looked in the howtos and searched the web, but found
> no answers to the following questions. The qwest web site has
> almost zero information of any use. Hoping to avoid dealing w/
> qwest tech support as the chances of getting someone that
> knows the answer is slim.

Very true. 

A client of mine had a connectivity problem - somehow
some router between his computer and his web site wouldn't let
packets go between the two addresses.

I figured one possible fix was to change his modem's IP 
address (which was dynamically assigned), but every time
I called Qwest I was told "sorry, that's not possible".

Until I finally lucked on a Qwest tech who said "DSL login
names aren't case-sensisitive when determining authentication,
but ARE case-sensitive when requesting an IP address. Change
one letter in the DSL login name to uppercase, and the network
will assign it a different address".

And sure enough, that worked.
> 1) We have only one static ip, the link is using PPPoA.
>    Are there devices (e.g. a straight dsl modem) that we
>    can use to get a bridged connection instead of a routed

Yes - a Zoom X4 or X5 can do this.

>    one? If so does qwest have to be involved in making it
>    a bridged connection?

I'm pretty sure they do.

> 2) If we can't bridge w/o qwest's cooperation, are there
>    any DSL modem+router combos where you really can use
>    the wan interface for hosting inet services?

The Zoom modem allows you to do DMZ (all requests from outside
the LAN are routed to one computer inside) or port forwarding
(requests are routed based on destination port - each port can
be routed to a separate computer inside the LAN).

Actually, the Zoom is a little harder to configure than an
Actiontec because it's SO flexible, but that's a worthwhile
tradeoff, IMHO.

> 3) Does qwest use bridged mode when you get a block of
>    ips vs a single one?

I don't think it's "bridged" in that case - they just route
every request in your block of addresses to your modem, and
then it is responsible for forwarding those requests to
computers in the subnet on the LAN.

One caveat: If the Zoom modem is set up to do PPPoA, then
it can't be configured with a static IP address. It's up to
the ISP to hand it that address, and some ISPs (4dv.net is
the example I'm aware of) _can't_ do that.

I don't _think_ Qwest has that limitation, but it would be
good to check with them first if you're considering a Zoom.

Sangoma internal DSL modems don't have that limitation, but
they cost quite a bit more than a Zoom or Actiontec.

If you decide to try a Zoom, I'd suggest buying it at
Micro Center (8000 E. Quincy, between Denver and the
Tech Center). That way, if it doesn't work for you,
you can return it easily. (I speak from experience,
having bought an X5 from them to try out on 4dv.net).

Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot (tm)

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