[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

Craig Talbert at Colorado.EDU
Wed Sep 14 15:33:54 MDT 2005

Not really related -- but if you happen to upgrade your actiontec
firmware, I recommend NOT using the program qwest provides.  Using the
web interface straight from the modem and upload the image file.

Using the qwest inferface hosed my last actiontec.

- Craig
"Ne te quaesiveris extra."

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Lee Woodworth wrote:

> We are setting up dsl basic internet service. The setup and
> all goes fine for outbound internet connectivity.
> The problem is the qwest supplied actiontec GT701 dsl modem.
> It has an embedded DNS forwarder that is taking over the DNS
> ports and we are trying to run a secondary DNS server. There
> will be a similar issue with running a web server.
> The short of it is that actiontec support says the forwarder
> can't be turned off and our attempts to kill it/bypass it
> haven't worked.
> I've looked in the howtos and searched the web, but found
> no answers to the following questions. The qwest web site has
> almost zero information of any use. Hoping to avoid dealing w/
> qwest tech support as the chances of getting someone that
> knows the answer is slim.
> 1) We have only one static ip, the link is using PPPoA.
>     Are there devices (e.g. a straight dsl modem) that we
>     can use to get a bridged connection instead of a routed
>     one? If so does qwest have to be involved in making it
>     a bridged connection?
> 2) If we can't bridge w/o qwest's cooperation, are there
>     any DSL modem+router combos where you really can use
>     the wan interface for hosting inet services?
> 3) Does qwest use bridged mode when you get a block of
>     ips vs a single one?
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