[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Sep 14 16:38:18 MDT 2005

Lee Woodworth wrote:
> 1) We have only one static ip, the link is using PPPoA.
>    Are there devices (e.g. a straight dsl modem) that we
>    can use to get a bridged connection instead of a routed
>    one? If so does qwest have to be involved in making it
>    a bridged connection?

Yes and yes.  I've never heard of anyone getting a bridged connection. 
Maybe with a business account that costs enough.

> 2) If we can't bridge w/o qwest's cooperation, are there
>    any DSL modem+router combos where you really can use
>    the wan interface for hosting inet services?

Yes.  I'm still using a Cisco 678 and you can get one on eBay cheap.  I 
haven't looked at Actiontec specifically but every other cable/DSL modem 
I've seen does DNAT with no limitations.

> 3) Does qwest use bridged mode when you get a block of
>    ips vs a single one?


What is a DNS forwarder?  Can you describe how it works?  Doesn't seem 
like that would be terribly useful in a DSL modem so I wonder if there 
isn't a way round this.

If nothing else, these guys say the thing runs Linux so it should be 
possible to figure out why it does what it does (and eventually to make 
it do what you want):



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