[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

Lee Woodworth blug-mail at duboulder.com
Fri Sep 16 14:53:18 MDT 2005

William D. Knoche wrote:
> On the other hand...
>>Have you looked into other providers?  Speakeasy is the only other provider I
>>have personal experience with, but I can tell you the difference between
>>Speakeasy and Qwest is night and day when it comes to technical support. 
>>Even their bottom-tier people know what they're talking about.  There have
>>also been recommendations on this list for several local providers that
>>sound like they can provide that kind of service too.  I'm paying $55/month
>>for 1.5/384 with 1 static IP, and Speakeasy is the only provider I know of
>>that allows you to run any server at that price, and also explicitly allow
>>wireless sharing in their TOS.  Can any of the local providers match all
>>those terms?  I would have gone local (assuming any of them could match all
>>the conditions I just mentioned), but I thought it was likely I'd have to
>>move before the contract was up.  Also, my service always seems to go out at
>>night and I figured a national provider would have better tech support at
>>night, is that the case?
> I went the other way. I use Qwest Basic which gives me little or no services from Qwest other than the static IP. I bought a used Actiontec for $15 so don't even pay for the monthly rental ($5/month) on that. I believe this is currently costing me $29 for the DSL and $10 for the ISP parts, so $39 total. It is 1.5/384.
> I run all of my own services, dns (server/client), ntp, mail, web, voip, etc... so really all I needed was a static ip and connectivity.
This is what we want to do. Do you have a single IP or a block? What we are
trying to find out is what standard configuration we can use with the modem.
Our experience has been that qwest DSL and comcast cable service at client
sites will routinely go out and require a power cycle on the modem. Using a
nonstandard config on the modem adds complexity when a non-techie is being
given instructions over the phone on how to do the the reset.

> The only service I am missing is a news feed (and I do miss it) but now I use Google groups and that is ok. I was probably spending too much on news anyway but if anyone knows of a reasonable news feed for little or nothing...
> In all I am pretty happy. I have pretty much the lowest possible cost for the bandwidth. I don't get any support from Qwest but don't expect any (other than keeping the line up - there have been few outages).
> Even the Actiontec has worked fine once I put it in transparent bridge mode and use real firewalls/router.
> When things fail it is almost always my fault and I just fix it. It has also served to keep my interest and skills more or less up to date. While I grouse about having to all the work I do prefer it. (yep I do all the work on all my cars, too) It isn't for everyone but works for me.
> Have a great weekend!
> --bill
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