[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Sep 16 17:19:00 MDT 2005

Daniel Webb wrote:
> Have you looked into other providers?  Speakeasy is the only other provider I
> have personal experience with, but I can tell you the difference between
> Speakeasy and Qwest is night and day when it comes to technical support.  Even
> their bottom-tier people know what they're talking about.  There have also
> been recommendations on this list for several local providers that sound like
> they can provide that kind of service too.  I'm paying $55/month for 1.5/384
> with 1 static IP, and Speakeasy is the only provider I know of that allows you
> to run any server at that price, and also explicitly allow wireless sharing in
> their TOS.

That's the Speakeasy ISP price, on top of what you pay Qwest for the DSL 
line, right?

Qwest basic is $15/mo for 1.5/960 (currently) with a static IP.  I 
haven't looked closely but I didn't see any restrictions on servers or 
wireless.  I suppose they don't want me reselling anything, and they may 
get upset if my servers ever run too much traffic.  But $40/mo isn't 
chump change.

As for tech support, I don't expect Qwest to tell me anything about 
setting up the LAN side of my network.  On the WAN side, every time I've 
called (not often since the WAN is hardly ever out) I've gotten someone 
who can confirm that it's out and kick it up a tier.  And then the broke 
hardware (their end) gets fixed and all is well.

I don't ask them how to configure the modem.  Their docs give the 
required PVC settings and the rest (which is all end user controlled) is 
in the Cisco docs.

The one time I was worried was a year or so ago when they gave me a free 
upgrade from 640/640 to 1.5/1.0.  The tech was uncertain whether my 
Cisco modem would work since it was a) old, and b) using CAP firmware. 
I was sure they would force me to get an Actiontec.  But when I said 
"how about if I switch the firmware to DMT" the tech said "if you can do 
that it will work fine".  Voila.


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