[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Sat Sep 17 10:55:42 MDT 2005

>>When comcast bought out the AT&T lines, the lines were fairly new in
>>parts of the area, but good quality...rated to 600 MHz. Comcast, in its
>>wisdom, decided to use 1000 MHz instead of the 600 it originally
>>operated at, and not upgrade equipment. Things like connectors suddenly
>>had huge dB losses, and every time temperature or humidity changed too
>>much, it got bad fast. By now there have been so many service calls that
>>it runs pretty much flawlessly, so all is good again. It no longer burps
>>each time weather changes or when noise sources light up.
> Interesting. I must be lucky, and, of course, I've still got the
> original lower speed setup.

Unless you were on a line originally owned by AT&T, which was *new* 
infrastructure, and then bought out by Comcast, you would not see this.
I think AT&T even bought out what was new from that company that went 
bankrupt installing fiber from Longmont to who-knows-where. AT&T 
operated within specs, Comcast did not, and everything was very touchy 
until they fixed a lot of line noise sources (basically lots of 
connectors, but other things too). One of the problems was that noise is 
often intermittent, as well as directional; if you're using radio 
detection equipment, then you can't detect any noise source that points 
the other way...such as problems on the top of the line that is above 
ground, or on the bottom of the line that is below ground. For those 
intermittents, you need to get really lucky and have someone to test 
lines exactly where the noise problem is at exactly the moment that the 
source of the noise lights up. One of those noise sources would be the 
AWACS training flights.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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