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Alan Robertson wrote:
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>>> A simple example:
>>>     If you want to back up 10 million small files, that means
>>>     probably 10 million inserts to a database - which is a HUGE
>>>     amount of work - and incredibly slow when compared to writing a
>>>     10 million records to a flat file.
>>>     And when you recycle a backup, that means 10 million deletions.
> Plus the 10 million inserts.  If each averages a lightning fast 10ms 
> (which it won't), then updating the indexes will take about 28 hours 
10ms/row seems slow. I have seen DTS on old 4-year old hardware exceed
10000 rows/sec on MSSQL 2000 (dataset was larger than memory by at least a
factor of 20). Old perl code I did 2 years ago was able to insert 100 field
rows at >1000 rows/sec against postgresql. This was with transactions
enabled and dynamic SQL generation.

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