[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Sun Sep 18 01:56:59 MDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 05:19:00PM -0600, David L. Anselmi wrote:

> That's the Speakeasy ISP price, on top of what you pay Qwest for the DSL 
> line, right?

No, this is the total price, even if I didn't have Qwest home phone, or any
home phone at all.  I would drop my Qwest home phone, but I'm still not very
comfortable with the whole 911 issue (does 911 really work on a Verizon
cellphone?), and have a baby now.  I'm basically buying a $25/month line just
for 911.  I originally planned to dump Qwest, so I'm paying for the "Onelink"
service with Speakeasy so that I can do that soon.

> Qwest basic is $15/mo for 1.5/960 (currently) with a static IP.  I 
> haven't looked closely but I didn't see any restrictions on servers or 
> wireless.  I suppose they don't want me reselling anything, and they may 
> get upset if my servers ever run too much traffic.  But $40/mo isn't 
> chump change.

I think you're comparing apples and oranges.  I'm assuming that Qwest price
you quote is both with Qwest home phone and excluding the DSL line.  How much
would the total (line+ISP) be if you didn't have home phone with them?  If
they do start enforcing their terms of service and you have to switch
providers, how much will you be out for early cancellation fees?

This scenario with Speakeasy is $65 officially, but I asked if they would
throw in one static IP on the $55 service and they did it.  When I researched
6 months ago, the price with Qwest for what we're talking about was almost
$50, and the extra $8/month was worth it to me for the reasons I've already


> As for tech support, I don't expect Qwest to tell me anything about 
> setting up the LAN side of my network.  On the WAN side, every time I've 
> called (not often since the WAN is hardly ever out) I've gotten someone 
> who can confirm that it's out and kick it up a tier.  And then the broke 
> hardware (their end) gets fixed and all is well.
I said before that the copper lines where I live are not that good, and when I
had problems, it took forever with Qwest to figure out what was going on and
get it escalated.  With Speakeasy, the first-tier support knows how to test
the lines and knows what to do about it.  I was on hold with Qwest longer
than my total problem resolution time with Speakeasy.

> I don't ask them how to configure the modem.  Their docs give the 
> required PVC settings and the rest (which is all end user controlled) is 
> in the Cisco docs.

When I was with them, Qwest told me the Cisco was out of date and the
Actiontec was "much better".  $8/month is also worth it to me to have a
provider that doesn't lie to me.

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