[lug] Qwest Basic service w/ single static IP

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Sep 18 22:11:27 MDT 2005

F.L. Whiteley wrote:
> I'll check again, but last I checked standalone 1.5Mbps DSL without POTS was
> $33 + ISP$ + local sales tax + FUSF(varies quarterly).  $28 is with Qwest
> POTS and your POTS charges include the sales and FUSF charges.  Standalone
> DSL generally works out to $53-$58/month depending on ISP charges.  This
> stuff often changes quarterly.

Thanks.  I was going by the web site, which doesn't list any of the 
extra stuff.  Nor does it list $28 as requiring POTS, though some of 
their deals do specify that.  See:



Obviously if you're looking for a provider you have to do more homework 
than this.

So Daniel's point that Speakeasy isn't much more than Qwest basic is a 
good one, though it depends what specifically you want.  Qwest's 
upstream speed seems better (for the price we're talking), Speakeasy's 
tech support may be better for others.


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