[lug] ifconfig/apache -- 2 ips, 2 domain names

David Owen Kritzberg david.kritzberg at colorado.edu
Mon Oct 17 22:22:56 MDT 2005

Hello BLUG People,

I have occasionally posted questions here, and have always received
very good and very timely replies.  So far, I have not been able to

Here I am again, with a new problem.  I'm not sure how to look up help
online -- but I think this should be an easy one for you guys and

I have a FC4 box on the CU campus running Apache 2.0, hosting a site
that is used for teaching and consulting.  Now I would like to serve
out a splash page for a survey, using a different, easy-to-remember

It didn't occur to me that I should alias the new url, and just have
ITS provide the DNS service for this.  Then, I think, I would have
just had to configure Apache for the alias.

Instead, I asked for the url and a separate IP to go along with that.
Now I am under the impression that, although there is nothing wrong
with this, it will require more work or more knowledge on my part.
This is in short supply!

I read about name-based virtual hosting in Apache, and IP-based
virtual hosting.  In fact there is a GUI config tool in Fedora that
does that for you.  However, I need to, put some ifconfig commands
into /etc/rc.d/rc.local/ in order to have this box recognize the new
name/ip.  I don't know what kind of configuration this is -- does it
have a name?  And would I use a name-based or ip-based virtual host

Right now I have an IP tied to dijon.colorado.edu.  HTTP requests to
dijon look in /var/www/html/.  Now the IT people have set up DNS to
connect a new, different ip number to a new name, bike.colorado.edu.
I would like requests to bike.colorado.edu/ to point to
/var/www/html/bike/.  I don't have the ifconfig set up properly.
Actually it isn't set up at all.  Can anyone show or point me to an
example of what I should write in /etc/rc.d/rc.local/, or provide me
with a name for this kind of configuration, if it has a special name? 

Thanks in advance,


Dave Kritzberg
University of Colorado Economics
david.kritzberg at colorado.edu

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