[lug] Report on Kat

Matt Thompson thompsma at jilau1.colorado.edu
Thu Oct 20 09:17:41 MDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 23:28 -0600, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Michael wrote:
> > I've been quite intrigued by reports of Kat. It is a new desktop
> > search/DB for KDE.
> > (snip)
> > I'd love to hear of others' experiences, or even some instructions on
> > how to set it up so it doesn't break things.
> Like you, I thought it sounded great and I downloaded and installed it.  
> This was perhaps two months ago, meaning it was a few minor versions 
> behind where it is now.
> My experience was exactly the same as yours: KDE thrashed and Kat 
> finally died... hard.  I was able to index directories containing 
> perhaps a half-dozen subdirectories and no more than a hundred files, 
> but any serious directory structure just plain didn't work.  I 
> experimented with a few different things-- ext3 vs NFS vs tmpfs, deep 
> directories vs shallow, etc.  The results were pretty much the same.
> In the end I shelved it as "I'll look at it again in six months", hoping 
> it would be more ready for the big time.  It sounds like nothing has 
> changed much in the last few months.  It's too bad, because the only 
> other "nice" Linux desktop search engine I can find is Beagle... and 
> it's Gnome-centric.  As a hard-core KDE user, I don't want to install 
> the six billion support libraries I'd need to run it. ;)  There's 
> another one called Klucene or Kiocene (?) but I had segfault problems 
> with it.

Actually, Beagle isn't ready for prime time either.  I tried to install
it on my FC4 system at home and beagled (it's indexer) fails with some
odd mono error.  I don't even get to thrash my CPU.  Since it wasn't too
important, I figured I'd just wait until a bit more stable version comes

I also tried to install Foresight Linux, the uber-cutting-edge GNOME
distro that has Beagle default, but it just hosed during install.  So, I
got I nice fresh FC4 thanks to that.


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