[lug] a couple of computers to give away

andrea mignolo pnts at protocol7.net
Wed Nov 30 08:08:02 MST 2005

Last February I moved from Boulder to Japan, and left a couple of my
machines running, temporarily, at a local non-profit.  They need the
rack space now, so the machines need to find a new home.  Free for
anyone who is interested:

1 rackmount box (the rails aren't attached and some screws are missing...)

dual PIII 550mhz processors
36GB SCSI drive
640MB ram
cd/floppy drive
generic nic
asus motherboard (don't remember which)

1 tower box (not online, so my memory of the specs might be a little off)

1GHz PIII processor
2 40GB drives
128MB geforce4 nvidia graphics card
512MB ram
audigy gamer soundcard
cd burner/floppy drive
generic nic
asus cusl2 motherboard

If you are interested in one or both of these machines, send me an email
and I'll let you know when and where you can pick them up.


Andi Mignolo
perpetual lug lurker

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