[lug] growisofs w/Plextor 740A

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 30 12:50:24 MST 2005

Gary Hodges wrote:

> Hugh Brown wrote:
>>> What is leading me toward a defective drive conclusion is the
>>> following.  If I initialize a disk it takes about two minutes with all
>>> but maybe 10 seconds of that time spent on the "/dev/scd0: writing
>>> lead-out" part.  On a nearly identical machine I have here it takes
>>> about 15 seconds to initialize a disk and only a few seconds are spent
>>> on the "/dev/scd0: writing lead-out" part.  Based on on this and
>>> everything else I've tried it seems that drive is having problems
>>> writing.  Since I get good results locally with the same hardware and
>>> software versions I'm thinking the drive has problems.  Oh, I have 
>>> tried
>>> different disks in the problem machine, but they are all Sony brand.
>>> Gary
>> I'd try swapping the DVD drives in the two machines and see if the
>> problems follow the drive (if that's possible).  Anything in
>> /var/log/messages coincident with the disc writing?
> I have that drive packed and ready to send.  With Thanksgiving it will 
> be next week before I can get someone there to install the drive.  
> Nothing in the logs during the writing process, but here is what I see 
> when I try to mount the disk.
> Nov 23 12:54:28 nevada kernel:  I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 1696
> Nov 23 12:54:28 nevada kernel: Unable to read rock-ridge attributes
> Nov 23 12:54:28 nevada kernel:  I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 1428
> Nov 23 12:54:28 nevada kernel: ISOFS: unable to read i-node block

The replacement drive was installed today and I'm getting the same 
results.  The drive that was installed today worked on a local system 
(same model Dell) and OS (Sarge).  So something must have gotten mucked 
up during an update (my guess).  I believe a key to solving this is the 
extended length of time it spends on the "/dev/scd0: writing lead-out" 
portion of the write process.  It takes about two minutes on this vs a 
few seconds on a functioning machine.  I'm in a meeting the rest of the 
week so I won't be able to try suggestions (and respond) right away.


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