[lug] Problem with resolving

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 06:20:04 MST 2005

I just changed ISP's. I now have an Actiontec DSL modem connected to
my Linux gateway machine. The Linux gateway machine acts as my
router/firewall. On the inside network I have 3 more linux machines.
Two of them are running Slackware and the other is running Debian. The
two Slackware machines seem to be working just fine. I can access the
web just like with my old ISP. The Debian machine seems to not resolve
outside addresses correctly.

One of the first things I tried was to boot the machine with knoppix
and configure the network with the same parameters and it worked.

Booting back to Debian I then tried ssh'ing to a remote account. It
resolved the name  correctly and allowed me to log on.

I then tried a traceroute, and got the normal results.

I can also do a dig to a host name and get the correct results. But if
I enter the URL for a web site on a browser it still doesn't resolve

I then tried to wget to a web site. It came back saying the URL
resolved to
I did a dig on the same website, got the correct IP Address and tried
again with wget using the IP address. It downloaded the index.html of
that website.

I then did a strace on wget using the URL. I could see that it does in
fact access the nameserver but returns with the IP of

I did an arp, and it looks like my IP's do map to the correct mac addresses.

Any suggestions?

Stephen Queen

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