[lug] Problem with resolving

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Dec 2 20:11:13 MST 2005

Stephen Queen wrote:
> I can also do a dig to a host name and get the correct results. But if
> I enter the URL for a web site on a browser it still doesn't resolve
> correctly.
> I then tried to wget to a web site. It came back saying the URL
> resolved to
> I did a dig on the same website, got the correct IP Address and tried
> again with wget using the IP address. It downloaded the index.html of
> that website.
> I then did a strace on wget using the URL. I could see that it does in
> fact access the nameserver but returns with the IP of

This is not a DNS problem.  It's a web problem.

Is your browser or wget (or some magic that applies to both) set up to 
use a proxy?  Does your firewall treat the Debian box exactly the same 
as the others?  Is the gateway or your modem doing any proxying?

If slack works and debian doesn't, run ethereal on both and see what 
packets are different.


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