[lug] Mozilla mail: won't connect to server

bgiles at coyotesong.com bgiles at coyotesong.com
Sun Dec 18 10:52:13 MST 2005

I had _severe_ problems with my mail starting last night, and reached the
point where I had to reinstall mozilla 1.7 from scratch and nuke the
existing profiles.

I've recreated my mail accounts and verified that I can send email, but
it's apparently checking for email via telepathy.  It's certainly not
using IMAP -- the servers on the other side aren't seing any connection

Any ideas?

(Before someone suggests thinking outside of the box, I've tried
thunderbird but it thinks my x-server refuses to talk to it and Kmail
appears to assume you have a far larger display than mine.  I'm currently
limping with webmail, but that's not a viable long-term solution.)


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