[lug] Mozilla mail: won't connect to server

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Sun Dec 18 21:08:47 MST 2005

I have both sides of the connection so I can monitor the logs.  Before I 
nuked mozilla I saw a successful connection but then there was no other 
activity.  On the UI the spinner kept going until there was a timeout 

At the same time I could connect with koffice and webmail.  There were 
UI issues that made their permanent use unacceptable but it proves that 
the problem wasn't on the server.

After the reinstall (where .mozilla was rebuilt from scratch) it's not 
even attempting to connect to the server.  On the UI side I'm not 
getting a password prompt or a spinner.  I changed server configuration, 
user id, even did a "connect" and "disconnect", all with no effect.


Joe McManus wrote:
> So have you tried telneting to that port on the remote imap server? What
> error messages came up when you launched mozilla? Does it just not connect
> or does mozilla become unresponsive? If it does not connect but all of the
> profiles are still there try tcpdump to see if it is talking to the imap
> server.
> Or have you looked at user rights on your home directory? ls -al | grep
> .moz I have seen rights change and mess mozilla up.
> Just shots in the dark.
> rock on,
> Joe
> On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Bear Giles wrote:
>>I saw light, intermittent packet loss to my Tummy systems from
>>Comcast/Denver this morning, but I still able to retrieve mail from one
>>of them.  At least for awhile.
>>But at this point it's something of a moot point.  I just tried Mozilla
>>mail again and it's dead dead dead.  I would hate for this to have
>>happened in a work environment, it would have killed mozilla and desktop
>>linux acceptance.

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