[lug] Drive reliability

Steve Sullivan SteveSullivan
Wed Dec 28 06:49:43 MST 2005

"Dean Brissinger" writes:
 > Seagate has known problems with their big disks.  Something to due with
 > a change in the bearing size and amount of lubricant that causes an
 > internal ESD buildup.  This is a known problem that seagate hasn't been
 > very willing to fess up to in the Fibre and SCSI market (all disks have
 > the problem but only 10% expect failure?).  The bottom line is that
 > under heavy write access the bearings break down and stall the platter.
 > The drives can be power cycled a number of times as a temporary
 > recovery.
 > I've also seen heat kill all brands of big disks.  A good chassis is
 > worth the extra money.  Thus far my WD 300's are doing good with 24/7
 > read/write activity after a month.  I stuck a big fan in front of them
 > to blow the heat away though.

This is scary!
We're getting ready to buy several TB of SATA disks, 300 - 400 GB each ...
where can I find more info on what drive models have better reliability?

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