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Siegfried Heintze siegfried at heintze.com
Wed Dec 28 12:18:40 MST 2005

Can you elaborate a bit on the $20 surcharge? What is that? Is this
something you pay to LinkSys?

What do you mean "you could still make the flash image freely available".
I'm assuming that this NAS controller is just like the LinkSys WRT54G router
where someone else has compiled the flash ROM image and you download it to
you PC and perform a firmware upgrade and *presto* your perripheral is
running linux.

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Bear Giles wrote:

> This might be a case where it makes more sense to commodify it.  Wouldbe 
> hackers can set up their own toolchain and everything, but everyone else 
> can pay a modest premium and get something ready to use.

P.S., you could still make the flash image freely available or under a 
mixed personal/commercial license.  (The FOSS components would be free, 
of course, but there would be a lot of custom scripts.)

But if you tell most people that the first thing they need to do is void 
their warranty and spend even a few hours flashing the NAS -- something 
that could leave the device unusable if it's done incorrectly?  Forget 
it.  A $20 surcharge for a working system is a bargain.

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