[lug] Superblock in the future?

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 07:15:14 MST 2005

> Now it turns out that every time I reboot the machine it hits the same
> message about Superblock.  However, the bios clock is just fine now.
> After hitting control-D to reboot, it gets passed this issue but again
> complains about / with file system with errors and forces a check.
> Wondering if it's the monitor, I remove it and just reboot the laptop
> without a monitor and it's the same thing.  So this seems to suggest
> that the problem is no longer related to the monitor (if it ever was).

Just curious, did you update your system yesterday (thursday)? I
updated my lap top wednesday, and have no problems( debian testing,
uname -r = 2.6.14). I updated my desktop (debian testing, uname -r = yesterday and I have the same problem as described in your
paragraph above, minus the clock issue. At the time I figured my hard
drive was beginning to get sick. I can hear the fan struggling inside
the box sometimes, so I have been expecting a failure. But maybe it
has more to do with the debian testing than it does with the hardware?

Stephen Queen

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