[lug] Superblock in the future?

D. Frye dafr at dafr.us
Fri Dec 30 08:46:41 MST 2005

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 08:26:07AM -0700, Marty Haught wrote:
} > Just curious, did you update your system yesterday (thursday)? I
} > updated my lap top wednesday, and have no problems( debian testing,
} > uname -r = 2.6.14). I updated my desktop (debian testing, uname -r =
} > yesterday and I have the same problem as described in your
} > paragraph above, minus the clock issue. At the time I figured my hard
} > drive was beginning to get sick. I can hear the fan struggling inside
} > the box sometimes, so I have been expecting a failure. But maybe it
} > has more to do with the debian testing than it does with the hardware?
} I did.  I do that every morning.  There were several updates so it's
} probably more likely that something I pulled down yesterday caused it.
}  This morning I tried the DVI jack on the laptop and it worked fine. 
} Also, the superblock issue didn't return.  Perhaps my machine has
} caught up to my future-leaning Superblock.  *shrugs*

I'll be the third person to notice this same behavior. System updates
were performed the last two days now, and rebooted this morning with the
same error message.


D. Frye
dafr AT dafr.us

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