[lug] [OT] Bandwidth cost

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Sat Dec 31 06:33:41 MST 2005

I'm putting together a business plan, but one of the things I'm having a hard
time estimating is bandwidth cost.  For a business with high bandwidth use
(>500GB/month) how do you calculate this?  Something tells me providers won't
be happy about a business that saturates a "business" 1.5 Mbit DSL 24/7 when
it only costs $90/month or whatever, since that's over 300GB.  So as a
hypothetical, what kind of connection are you forced to buy at 500, 1000, 5000
GB/month transfer?

I have seen $2/GB on the low end for web hosting providers (what they charge
to website owners for transfer).  Is it really this expensive?

Sort of off-topic, but the business would be Linux-based, so...

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