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Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Tue Jan 24 10:25:29 MST 2006

On Tuesday 24 January 2006 10:15, Nate Duehr wrote:
> Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> > That doesn't help you right now, though.  For the short term, look for
> > the Intel IPW chipsets; they are well supported in current kernels.  For
> > Atheros chipsets you can use the highly experimental native driver from
> > www.ath-driver.org, or go with the madwifi drivers (madwifi.net).  Some
> > distributions (i.e. Ubuntu) will install madwifi for you.  Madwifi still
> > has a proprietary blob, but at least it's a meant-for-Linux proprietary
> > blob.  For Broadcom chipsets, there is an experimental driver in
> > reasonably good shape: http://lwn.net/Articles/162894/.  Between all of
> > those, there's actually a fair number of options out there.
> But very difficult to match up Vendor names with chipsets.  Standing in
> a typical computer store, staring at boxes, noticing that there's now a
> new "rev 04" of some stupid card that had the right chipset in it three
> revisions ago, and that's the latest information on the web... is a
> maddening experience.

This version garbage problem is everywhere.  I bought a linksys router and 
needed a repeater/extender for it.  I bought one -- no work.  I called 
support, they tell me I need 'version 2' of the expander to work with my 
router.  I return the expander and hunt for version 2 (maddening experience).  
I found it!  I get it plug it in, no work!!!!  I called linksys support and 
now they are saying I need 'version 2' of my ROUTER to work with this 
expander!!!  Why can't they just make an expander that works with all their 
products!! Very stupid.  No more linksys.  

Also.  The little blackbox solution seems to irritate a preexisting problem 
with my NIC (Some 3com soho ethernet card).  Something is shutting off or 
uninstalling the card!  Something is sensing the connection and any drops, 
hiccups or anything, it just blows my card out of memory!!  Anyone see this 
before?  I am going to try a different card tonight, but it really sounds 
like it is a 'helpful' service gone bad!  (Fedora Core 4).

Thanks for any assistance!

> Nate
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