[lug] Seething Anger!

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:49:22 MST 2006


So last night I was trying this trick, because sometimes I need
Windows, but not very much. I was trying to install Windows onto a USB
hard drive (normal hard drive, usb enclosure) and I went through the
normal steps, then said "yes, format D:" (D: is USB, right?) -- This
was after I looked at its two descriptions of drives and based on
size, figured out that C: was my main hard drive. (It didn't make it
easy to figure that out.)

Then, I noticed the size of the partition it said it was created on D:
(USB) actually matched C (hard drive).

Yes, yes, it sure did. I have backups for everything but recent stuff,
but this is still super-lame.

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