[lug] Linux and wireless

Alberto Garfagnini alberto.garfagnini at desy.de
Thu Jan 26 11:32:19 MST 2006

There are several web pages on this Linksys model.
Just few of them:


I've got the WRT54GS and I'm quite happy with it.

Alberto Garfagnini.

Lori Reed wrote:
> Ken MacFerrin wrote:
>> For about the same price though you can pickup a Linksys WRT54G, load
>> up the OpenWRT distro and use it in "client mode" or in a WDS mesh. 
>> This is my preferred method for a workstation as you don't have to
>> mess with wifi drivers in your distro and you can have multiple
>> machines behind the client router.  Just make sure you get a Version 4
>> or older router as the new ones are currently running VxWorks instead
>> of linux.
> Just a few days ago I picked up a new WRT54G at CompUSA with firmware
> version v1.00.1, Sep. 20, 2005, which according to this website
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54G
> is once again Linux. Is there an easy way to tell for sure?
> Lori
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